Property Maintenance Maple Ridge

Strata maintenance and repair throughout Maple Ridge

Do you need help with the day-to-day maintenance of your strata property in Maple Ridge? Are you looking to partner with a strata property maintenance provider that can handle all aspects of your building's maintenance and repair needs? The expert team from Zimal Property Solutions can help with everything from regularly scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our strata property maintenance and repair services in Maple Ridge.

At Zimal Property Solutions, we are proud to be a leading provider of property maintenance and repair services for strata buildings throughout Maple Ridge, BC. Some of the areas we serve in Maple Ridge include but are not limited to the following neighbourhoods and communities:

  • Albion

  • East Haney

  • Hammond

  • Haney

  • Port Haney

  • Ruskin

  • Silver Valley

  • The Ridge

  • Websters Corners

  • Whonnock

  • Yennadon

Strata property maintenance services

The dedicated team from Zimal Property Solutions works hard to provide comprehensive, hassle-free maintenance and repair services that are specifically designed to keep strata properties running smoothly and homeowners happy. Some of the strata property maintenance services we offer include:


No matter what kind of roof your building has—flat roof or slanted roof—or what kind of repairs you are looking to have completed, we can help. Our professional team can handle all of your roof repair and replacement needs, including flashing repair and replacement, as well as torch on roofing replacement.


If the wooden elements on your property are starting to rot or have been damaged over time, we can help. Our dedicated team can provide complete carpentry solutions for restoring your building's wooden elements, ensuring they do not become a safety concern for your residents. 

General maintenance

Do you need help with the day-to-day maintenance in your strata building? Our full-service general maintenance services are uniquely designed to help with all your building's maintenance needs, from replacing lightbulbs to installing new light fixtures and everything in between.


If the drywall in the hallways and lobby of your building have become scratched, chipped, or gouged, we can help repair any unsightly damage, restoring your building to like-new condition. Our professional team can also install new drywall panels wherever the old drywall is too damaged to save.

Windows and doors

One of the best ways to make sure that the residents in your building remain comfortable all year long is to ensure all windows and doors are functioning properly. If your building's doorways are showing gaps or the windows need to be replaced, we can help repair and maintain your windows and doors, returning them to optimal working condition.

Water ingress

Whether you are dealing with a small leak or substantial water damage, we can help restore your property to optimal condition quickly and efficiently. Our professional team will provide a leak investigation to find the cause of the leak so that we can repair it and prevent it from happening again. We can also handle all of your water damage restoration needs, including repairing floor damage for individual units.


Is the flooring in your building starting to show significant signs of wear and tear? We can help update your building by installing your choice of flooring—hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, etc.—giving your common areas the aesthetic appeal they deserve.


If you are looking to freshen up the common areas of your strata building with a new coat of paint, we can help. Our expert team can handle all of your painting needs from touching up small areas to completely repainting all the walls. We will even take care of all the prep work beforehand and the clean up afterwards to ensure a flawless finish you will love.

Complete property maintenance services from Zimal Property Solutions

No matter what property maintenance services you need for your Maple Ridge strata building, we can help. The dedicated team from Zimal Property Solutions is experienced in working on all kinds of maintenance and repair projects, making us the one-stop shop for all your building's maintenance requirements. Reach out to us today to learn more about our maintenance and repair services for Maple Ridge strata buildings.